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About us

About us

A passion for Champagne, Crémants and Sparkling Wines

It’s our philosophy that Champagne is not simply a drink. It’s part of the fabric of life - the heart of every celebration, a mark of joyous times, a little taste of happiness.

Our love of Grower Champagnes, Crémants and Sparkling Wines grew organically from our wine-tasting travels.  In fact, our name was inspired by the 700km Champagne Route that weaves through the vineyards of France’s most revered wine region.

Grower Champagne is different from those made by the major Champagne houses, that’s why we think it’s so special. Most well-known Champagne brands buy in their grapes from many different vineyards, rather than growing it themselves. In contrast, Grower Champagne is made by a single estate. This stamps each wine with a distinct and unique personality. Every bottle tells its own story and that of the people who put their heart and soul into making it. Every drop on the palette and scent on the nose transport you to the individual vine, microclimate and terroir where it all began.

We believe these rare and exceptional Champagnes deserve their place alongside more well-known Champagne brands, yet they’re surprisingly hard to find in the UK. That’s why we were inspired to create Champagne Route.

We want you to explore an enticing new world of tastes and aromas that transcend the ordinary. It’s a world that draws you in, making you curious to know more. A world that we want to share by bringing you the widest selection of Grower Champagnes available in the UK.

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