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<< TERRA VITIS>> is a national federation which groups together associations of winegrowers from several French regions whose objective it is to set up an integrated form of production which is mid way between organic agriculture and traditional agriculture.

TERRA VITIS - “Is the intention to produce high quality grapes which express the terroir and the know-how of wine growers in ecologically healthier ways with a view to preserving the environment and human health (from the producer through to final consumer)”.
In concrete terms, this means following a strict set of conditions covering specific practices in planting, vine protection, waste management, choice of products, method of treatment, hygiene and protection of the workforce, training etc… One of the objectives is to limit phytosanitary products as much as possible by only undertaking really necessary applications. This principle depends on the perfect knowledge of the vineyards and its continuous observation.



The organic movement is only slowly taking root in France’s Champagne region, although its proponents believe that environmentally friendly techniques can help the sparkling wine express even finer subtleties.

Organic farming has experienced a boom in recent years, including in France, where the wine industry has been keen to adopt practices that shun synthetic chemicals and fertilizers.

Organic viticulture uses no pesticides or synthetic chemicals in the vineyard and relies on compost as a fertilizer.

The respect for the environment that underpins the organic movement's philosophy fits in with the French concept of terroir, where soil, topography and climate all combine to influence the taste of the wine. Less invasive farming techniques can therefore help produce wines that better reflect the nuances of their environment, or make the terroir sing.


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